Helicopter Sales

Helicopter buyers often believe they have an understanding of the aviation market. However, searching for available helicopters online doesn’t compare to the amount of knowledge that an experienced broker has regarding current sales trends for new and used helicopters. Many factors impact the overall market and these factors have variables that change often. Currency exchange rates, tax laws, and regulatory policies are just three of the variables that undergo continuous change. Knowing this information as well as understanding the global market, supply-demand issues and helicopter values are key factors in allowing anyone to make an informed decision.

Many of our clients own a helicopter but are not in the aviation industry. Therefore, when you are considering selling, trading, or buying another helicopter, finding a reputable and professional broker like HMA will give you the best opportunity to buy, or sell, at a realistic market price. HMA is highly regarded for finding and matching serious buyers and motivated sellers. Remember, our priority is to represent your interests in the sale of your helicopter and achieve for you the best possible results in the shortest possible time.


Helicopter Acquisitions

Many people believe that helicopter brokers only represent sellers. Actually, almost 50% of our business involves representing clients who retain HMA to help them acquire a helicopter. Buying a helicopter is a major financial commitment. Consulting with, or hiring an experienced and professional broker like HMA, ensures that this commitment works to your advantage. Many long-term clients know that we deliver superior results throughout all phases of the purchase process. Throughout the process of identifying, acquiring, and delivering a helicopter to a buyer, there are numerous logistical details that must be addressed. Writing legal contracts and agreements, setting up escrow accounts, and complying with import and export requirements are all complicated and can become very expensive if not handled properly.

If you are seeking a new or pre-owned aircraft, HMA offers years of experience in locating, evaluating and acquiring helicopters. We have the resources, expertise and commitment necessary to meet your expectations and mitigate your risk in acquiring a helicopter.

Aviation Consulting

For clients that do not wish to list their helicopter with HMA, our team of highly experienced consultants are here to help you navigate through the many issues of buying or selling a helicopter. Our consulting services will undoubtedly save you money! Without exception, we have always saved our clients more money than the consultancy fee paid.

As aviation consultants, our primary concern and focus is making the buying and selling process as hassle free and transparent as possible. Whether you require analysis on which aircraft category would be the most suitable to meet your needs, operating costs and performance capabilities of various aircrafts, or appraisals conducted on an aircraft you are interested in, HMA is here to provide our expertise. HMA is truly committed to providing clients with superior customer service, exceptional results, and remarkable value. Our clients are invaluable to our success therefore we will always strive to exceed your needs.