The Advantages of Using a Helicopter Broker

December 12, 2012 By Fred
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Many owners who want to sell their helicopter think the last thing they need today is help from a helicopter broker. Some see brokers as an unnecessary expense and others simply don’t understand the advantages a good broker can provide. The same logic holds true for those who are trying to buy a helicopter. So why would they need a broker’s help?


The simple answer: An experienced helicopter broker can save them a lot of money, a great deal of time and aggravation, and provide them with superior market knowledge.

Unfortunately, many helicopter sellers/buyers fail to realize the benefits that can be derived by working with an experienced, knowledgeable, and most importantly, an honest broker. People use brokers every day to buy homes, obtain financing, purchase insurance, and make investments. Yet, when it comes to buying a helicopter, most think they can handle the intricate details involved in helicopter buying or selling. The truth is that a good helicopter broker typically has far more focused technical knowledge and experience than you are likely to find in any other industry.


A buyer or seller having a fundamental understanding of the market situation represents a small fraction of the overall knowledge required to effectively manage a helicopter sales transaction from start to finish.

Yes, with some devoted effort and several days of research, a buyer or seller could develop a basic understanding of the overall market situation. However, it would take years to accumulate the experience necessary to write contracts, evaluate aircraft, set up escrow accounts, understand export issues, etc. The key here is that successful management of any transaction requires in depth knowledge over a broad area of topics…not just basic understanding of a few variables.


When an experienced broker isn’t used, the amount of money that most turbine helicopter sellers/buyers leave “on the table” is substantial.

Granted, it is not always easy to put a dollar value on “money saved” for any transaction, let alone get agreement from all parties involved. Still, based on my 30+ years of experience in this business, it is a rare case when a good broker is unable to save a seller or buyer more money that what they received as compensation. In the future, I will address specific areas where buyers and sellers spend money or incur additional expense than necessary.


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